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Crete –Island of the Goddess

It seems to good to be true: Was there once a society dominated by women, and not by men? A society where peace prevailed and not war? Crete, the mediterranean island in the sun is said to be such a place. Was there really a matriarchy?

Pizza - The Most Successful Fast Food

Naples, home of the real pizza and the best pizzaioli / The Japanese are coming, with award-winning pizzaioli / National colours for the Queen: invention of the Pizza Margherita / How the pizza came across the Great Pond. On a pizza tour in New York / Pizza is number one everywhere.

How to Understand Horses

What sex and love mean for horses: research on the mating behaviour of mares and stallions / Athletes and money machines: racehorses at Newmarket / The ethology of wild horses has revolutionised horse-keeping / Many horse ailments are caused by inappropriate keeping.

Sardinia - Island of Centenarians

In Sardinia there are an above-average number of people who are over a hundred years old and still remain healthy. What is the secret of a long life? A team of researchers explores the possible reasons.

Smart Donkeys

Very rare and highly endangered: the Somali wild ass / A refuge for old donkeys in Cyprus / donkey stallions and mini mules / Donkey therapy for prisoners / Eight hundred donkeys for milk and cosmetics / Donkeys for riding and driving.

Italian Pasta

Tortellini, tagliatelle and ravioli: fresh homemade pasta / The true pesto from Liguria / Pasta as a luxury item / The pasta of Brooklyn's emigrants / Classic pasta in a 3-star restaurant / Futuristic pasta sculptures.

A Culinary Journey Through Sicily

Greeks, Arabs, Normans and Spaniards: Sicilian cuisine is a mixture of many cultures / Street food in Palermo: rice balls and raw sea urchins / Spanish empanadas and Arabian couscous / The «flying chef» at the fish market in Catania / Young chefs interprete traditional cuisine.

Sex work - Criminalise or Legalise

The ban on buying sex in Sweden and its consequences for prostitutes / Self-confident and independent: Undine, Katharina and Hannah, sex workers in Hamburg / More and more pressure: the Swedish model is set to gain a foothold in Europe / Sex workers fight back against feminists.


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